3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge #1


First of all I just want to show my gratitude to Anjum (Anju’s world blog) to be so kind as to nominate me for this exciting challenge. She’s such a lovely lady and her blog so great. Her site it’s always filled with wise sentences, firm determination, friendly attitude and contagious kindness. Visit her blog following the above link, you will not regret it. She is always inspiring as a smile at dawn, when the day begins.

When I was a kid and I was going to school, the entrance to the building had a bow and an inscription above the arch. Every day when I walked in I was reading it, thinking about it. I didn’t really understand the meaning, but I could never forget it. Being an adult I became aware of how thoughtful the sentence was, and what an awesome truth it left written in my mind. So I wanted to bring it here for all of you to read. This is the first quote, which I learned it comes from the Holy Bible, St. John The Vangelist 8:31-36, quoting Jesus Christ words to those who believed in him:

“the Truth Will Set You Free” – Jesus Christ

I always interpreted it as stating that you remain slave of  your own lies, which makes a lot of sense, though maybe that’s not exactly what Jesus meant.

My nominees are:

  1. Arohii
  2. Joel F (Joys of Joel)
  3. Exoticnita54 (Nita’s World Of Inspiration)


  • 3 new Quotes for 3 days (no repetition)
  • 3 nominees each day ( no repetition)
  • Quotes could be your own or anyone you like.
  • Inform nominees
  • Thank the person who nominated you

All of my nominees are wonderful people and I wish them all the best of luck.

Thank you again Anju for the nomination.