Clean Cut Kitchen

I was just going to write a brief article about a Bob Dylan video a friend of mine posted recently, but then I realized I had not cleaned up my kitchen in depth since a lot of time, nor even tidy it up conveniently. That’s why I thought, “It’s Sunday, a nice chance to do some homework,” and felt I should start with my cleaning tasks and leave the video footage related article for a more thoughtful moment. Dylan can wait ;).

So I spent some time doing what I thought I should do and was necessary, and I finally got my kitchen done. I feel proud to watch now the result of my work and for some reason I think it would be a nice idea to share my clean cut kitchen as it looks now. That’s what I’m doing, so some of you may understand my fine mood this afternoon 😂😂😂.


This is how the kitchen floor brights right now on a semi-cloudy evening. The next picture will show you the aspect it all has got after the gold rush 😜…


Some of you may think, “why do we really care?” and “for WHAT reason does it matter to him, TheHypnotistCollector, to show us these low resolution pictures?” The reason is simply that I love that awesome Robert Johnson blues, “Come On In My Kitchen”

And looking at my dirty untidy place I recall the lyrics… “you better come on in my kitchen, it is goin’ to be rainin’ outdoor.”

The Hypnotist Collector