A Life Without A Song

Hard to imagine a life without a song. Music is all around in every beat of mother nature; Singing birds, whispering rivers as they flow to the sea.


Human kind was singing from the beginning of time. Now I think of a life without a song and it seems to me empty, devoid of emotion, deprived of memories and feelings evoked by a singing voice.


Sometimes I listen to a song for a little while and then, without even noticing it, it gets stuck inside my mind. I might forget about it and not care anymore, but then, at a certain point, might be days later, it comes to me from the back of my mind and soon I realize it is there to stay. I can’t get rid of it. It is on my brain, sounding over and over again. It feels good, though. It is like setting a particular nice mood making me feel delighted, calm and satisfied. And I find myself enjoying the music and the lyrics as they resound in my head. At times it happens that I feel an urgent need to listen to the original track again and I have to find it and make it sound in my music player. That’s a great listening experience. It becomes such a pleasant feeling! Don’t know why it happens and I guess it is something happening to all of us, most likely, at one time or another.

maxresdefaultJudy Garland in “Wizard of Oz” singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

We have many people doing songs for us; singers, songwriters, musicians… and they all produce sounds that may fill up our hearts and souls. So I want to express my gratitude to all of them and ask you all to also be grateful for the songs you love. Because we shouldn’t take them for granted… and a life without a song would be a lost life.

The Hypnotist Collector


  1. Albert Bierstadt “Among The Sierra Nevada, California” Google Art Project
  2. Carolina Wren “Thryothorus ludovicianus” on American Holly Ilex opaca. Copyright 2004, 2005 Carl W. Cole Personal Website.