I like The Way This is Going

This is actually a beautiful song, so delighful in its simplicty. It was released on Eels album called “Tomorrow Morning.” They are an excellent band, slightly related to Bob Dylan because they covered him a couple of times, at least. Their best known Dylan cover was “Girl From The North Country.” I like Eels a lot and the way Mr.E (Mark Oliver Everett) let this song roll makes me smile with anticipation of a joyful time, the love for someone I have known that’s growing in my heart just like a tropical tsunami. So, here it comes, dedicated to the one I love:

I like The Way This is Going

I like your toothy smile,
It never fails to beguile.
Whichever way the wind is blowing
I like the way this is going.

I like the color of your hair,
I think we make a handsome pair.
I can only see my love growing
I like the way this is going

I like to watch TV with you,
There’s really nothing I would rather do.
Then maybe we can go to bed,
Get up and do it all again.

I like the way your pants fit,
How you stand and how you sit,
Whatever seeds that you’re sowing,
I like the way this is going.

I dont care about the past,
None of it was made to last,
It’s not who you’ve known,
But who you’re knowing,

I like the way this is going
I like the way this is going.

Copyright 2010 EELStheband.com

The song already says it all. We all know how it feels when we have come to know someone that really means something bigger than life itself. It’s just a wonder, as the song reflects so well, knowing things are going fine, thinking everything is going to be alright and that particular someone might love you too. It makes you feel joyful and plenty of energy. You go thinking and thinking and thinking again, filled up with tenderness, looking forward to a beautiful relationship that you hope will last forever. And this all happens even when you are aware it never worked in the past with anybody else. So I must agree, I like her toothy smile, I like the way the song is rolling. I like the way this is going.

The Hypnotist Collector


43 thoughts on “I like The Way This is Going

      1. I loved it is a nice song. You always have intriguing things on your blog. Your blog is a breath of fresh air. I enjoy it dearly. Much love hugs and kisses don’t let them smother. Haha. 🙂

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  1. Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd and Johnny Cash are are Gods among men! I love this song! And you are so right in how you described it as a feeling of everything being alright. It’s more than alright with music like this ^^

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    1. Thank you! I like a lot you comment, and it’s true, its more than alright with music like this. Of course Pink Floyd and Johnny Cash, as much as Dylan is, are Gods among men, totally agree. One of these days I will post some great Pink Floyd song… also Hurt cover by Johnny Cash, though his own Folsom Prisom Blues is the best ever of his.

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      1. Haha I seem to always like your replies or comments, it is funny how similar our taste in music and poetry is! I cannot wait to hear what you would say about the almighty Cash, and I totally agree, this is Dylan at his best.

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  2. Enhorabuena!!! es un gran blog. Ha debido trabajar mucho para tener tanta información, y tan buen gusto. Preciosa canción y delicada dedicatoria. Tiene mucha suerte la persona que usted ama. sic.
    Le animo a seguir, no existen muchos blog bilingües como el suyo. Un placer.
    Reciba mi admiración y un cordial saludo.

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    1. Muchas gracias Rakelmarugan por su amabilidad y su reconocimiento a mi labor, que es bastante poca cosa, solo amor a lo que me emociona, a lo que llena mis sentidos. Gracias por animarme a seguir y por su comentario que me enorgullece. Seguiré escribiendo y hablando de música y de lo que amo. Mi mas sincero afecto. Un cordial saludo.


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