Keith Richards and Norah Jones – Love Hurts, live 2004

Publicado el 23 de Nov. de 2014 /Published on Nov. 23rd, 2014 (Subenlanube upload)


Keith Richards como el Capitán Teague, guardián del Código Pirata y padre de Jack Sparrow en Piratas del Caribe 4 / Keith Richards as Captain Teague, keeper of the Pirate Code and father of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of The Caribbean #4


“Love Hurts”, escrita por Felice Bryant y Boudleaux Bryant / written by Felice Bryant and Boudleaux Bryant.

KRichards-w-NorahJonesNorah Jones junto a Keith Richards. Del recital homenaje a Gram Parsons: “Return to Sin City – A Tribute to Gram Parsons” / Norah Jones with Keith Richards. From the Tribute to Gram Parsons show: “Return to Sin City – A Tribute to Gram Parsons”

Here is a different video copy of the same performance, but there’s no Keith Richard’s intro in here, just the song:

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El Coleccionista Hipnótico / The Hypnotist Collector

4 thoughts on “Keith Richards and Norah Jones – Love Hurts, live 2004

  1. Love hurts such a beautiful and touching song it is one that is inspiring. And yet it speaks volumes of love. This song makes me think. Truth is love does hurt it’s painful when it breaks your heart and it aches when it takes over your heart. Maybe love is more than a feeling maybe it apart of the human anatomy. It is one of the things which keeps us going and or make us fall apart.

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    1. Hi Morgan. It’s true, you are so right. Love is embodied in the human anatomy, it’s a part of our soul, and I believe our souls are connected with our body through our brain and the appropiate channels. It’s a matter of fact that for every pleasure we get there’s an edge of pain, though. It’s all related, love and death, pleasure and pain, light and darkness.

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