Bob Dylan Nobel Prize in Literature 2016


The news just broke up this afternoon at 13:00 hours my local time. I couldn’t believe it, even if I knew he’s been nominated for the Nobel prize year after year since 1997. But it’s true. Here, through the link provided on the newspaper name, you can read the news as published in The Guardian, including live updates and reactions. I am still leaving another link, this one to the CNBC news from Reuters agency. Many people don’t even think he deserved such a prize. Most of us, Dylan followers thought it was the Nobel Prize who didn’t deserve Dylan figure in the list of the awarded persons 😆

Anyway, these are really great news. He’s the first singer/songwriter to be awarded with such a prestigious prize. From now on they will have to consider that poetry and music (song’s lyrics) are intimately linked and have a common goal: To reach the souls, to make other people feel emotions and think deeply about their lives and the human condition.


Long life to Bob Dylan. God bless him, God bless you all.

The Hypnotist Collector

31 thoughts on “Bob Dylan Nobel Prize in Literature 2016

  1. Somehow I knew you would post this. Seeing as how much of a Bob Dylan fan you are. He so deserves this so much with his great talent and ability. I have always admired his work. Maybe that is why my poems sometimes sound like song lyrics instead of poetry. I dig this post so much. Great post as always

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    1. Ahh you are always so kind to me. In fact, the greatest thing about it is that he once again made the world change the rules. This time the Sweden Academy allowing a songwriter to be awarded with a Nobel prize. The same way as the record companies had to admit songs longer than 3′ when he recorded Like A Rolling Stone. I’m really glad you also appreciate Bob Dylan’s work so much. Maybe that’s why I love your poetry. Thanks a lot for your constant support.

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      1. So true and you’re welcome my love. I am just bring myself a kind person. It makes me happy that you love my poetry. I always pour my soul into my work. You are a very sweet person with a gentle heart full of passion. I love your blog it shows how creative

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      2. And intriguing you are. Much love to you sweet pumpkin sweet Besos a ustedes. Maybe one day I will write you a poem for being so kind enough to to read my blog

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    1. You’re so very welcome. Much love to you I believe in telling people how much they mean to me and encourage and up lift people while they are alive. You are a kind sensitive person. So I am just returning the kindness you give to me. Much love to you and a thousand sweet kisses. Hopefully they don’t smother you haha 🙂

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      1. Haha, they could really smother me, your sweet kisses and all of your love, Morgan, but I am already an old man and, as passionate as I can be, I can still keep my head as cold as my feet, 😀 …But I love your kindness and all of your affection. It makes me glad to have and feel such a charming dislpay of love and affection; And I feel the same about you, so I believe it’s mutual.

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  2. Yeah! Heard this on the radio this morning – his words and music definitely deserve recognition like this. Having said that – the last time I saw him in concert here in Australia, he was terrible. People walked out – we couldn’t even recognise some of his song because he was going so crazy on the electric guitar. I’ve just put the ‘Desire’ album on the turn-table… that’s the Bob that won the nobel prize 🙂

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    1. haha, Dylan is better than ever when he’s terrible, when he does just what he feels… as he once said, “I’m an artist on a tightrope”, when he’s about to fall still trying to keep balanced, that’s Bob Dylan… so unique, even if no one sees him… he was singing in 1974 that song, “Nobody ‘Cept You,” which had that line, “I’m a stranger here and no one sees me, ’Cept you, yeah you.” Not everyone can see him, but when you do it, it shines like the brightest star. As he wrote to John Lennon, those words could be applied to him: “Shine your light, you burned so bright, roll on Bob.” Thanks for your comment, Andy. So nice to see you around.

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  3. Great post – and I share the enthousiasm about this Prize for the talented poet, Bob Dylan.
    In a free time I recommend you my latest post – where I also commented on this fascinating fact from the litarary world/the world of art. All that happened is very inspiring – to all musicians – that belive that music connects people throughout the generations. Have a happy day ahead!

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      1. I have to amit, dear Louis, that the fact that Dylan received this award was the best news I’ve got for months. Things like these give us wings to fly – and all creative people are nourished now and so inspired to continue writing, composing, painting. Have a happy Tuesday too.

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      2. I feel so happy to read your comment and see that not Only hardcore Dylan fans like me feel the same as we do about this Nobel Prize! Thats the most relevant thing, because it actually means that these recognitions give us wings to fly – and It’s so true that All creative people are nourished NOW and so Inspired to continue expressing themselves each one in its own way through the discipline they chose.


      3. And yes, dear Anne, i just read your latest article and felt moved by it. i Will make a comment right there cause as our bloggermate Pardijbat stated, you are an exceptional writer and the way you conducted the exposition of your ideas and concepts in your amazing and insightful article clearly shows how brilliant you are.


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