Volverán Las Oscuras Golondrinas (Dark Swallows Will Return)

This is one of the most popular Rhymes of the Spanish post-romanticist poet Gustavo Adolfo Becquer (1836-1870.) Yesterday I mentioned this verse in one of Candice’s posts at thefeatheredsleep blog (you can take a look at her wonderful site following the link.) As she wanted to know this Rhyme and be able to read it in Spanish, I promised her I would post it. I took the liberty to translate it myself to the English language, so the words might be understandable for everybody else, or I hope so.


Volverán las Oscuras Golondrinas

Volverán las oscuras golondrinas
De tu balcón sus nidos a colgar,
Y, otra vez, con el ala a sus cristales
Jugando llamarán;

Pero aquéllas que el vuelo refrenaban
Tu hermosura y mi dicha al contemplar,
Aquéllas que aprendieron nuestros nombres…
Ésas… ¡no volverán!

Volverán las tupidas madreselvas
De tu jardín las tapias a escalar,
Y otra vez a la tarde, aun más hermosas,
Sus flores se abrirán;

Pero aquéllas, cuajadas de rocío,
Cuyas gotas mirábamos temblar
Y caer, como lágrimas del día…
Ésas… ¡no volverán!

Volverán del amor en tus oídos
Las palabras ardientes a sonar;
Tu corazón, de su profundo sueño
Tal vez despertará;

Pero mudo y absorto y de rodillas,
Como se adora a Dios ante un altar,
Como yo te he querido…, desengáñate:
¡Así no te querrán!



Dark Swallows Will Return

Dark swallows will return
To hang their nest upon your balcony,
And again with her wings, playing,
They will knock on its window’s glasses;

But those who slowed down their flight
To contemplate your beauty and my happiness,
Those who learned our names …
Those … will not come back!

Bushy honeysuckle will grow
To climb your garden walls,
And again in the afternoon, even more beautiful,
Its flowers will bloom;

But those, curdled with dew
Which drops we watched tremble
And fall like tears of the day …
Those … will not grow up!

Burning words of love
Will sound in your ears again;
Your heart, from its deep dream
Perhaps will awake;

But silent and absorbed and on their knees,
As God is worshiped at the altar,
As I have loved you … Don’t kid yourself:
They will not love you like that!


Gustavo Adolfo Becquer

Just a single thought that comes to mind: While it’s well known that several romanticists, such as Lord Byron and Edgar Allan Poe, influenced Bob Dylan, and also he came to read many of the greatest Spanish poets like Fray Luis de Leon or Federico Garcia Lorca, it sounds bizarre that I have never heard of any link (or read about) between the songwriter and G.A.Becquer.

The Hipnotist Collector


40 thoughts on “Volverán Las Oscuras Golondrinas (Dark Swallows Will Return)

    1. The translation is not very good as it is difficult to put in correct English what the poet wrote in Spanish, since he was using a lot of poetic licenses, and the sentences are in many cases reversed. Anyway, I’m glad I could introduce you to this writer, and I’d feel happy if you finally come to enjoy it.

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  1. This is a excellent post. I love reading poems from some of the greatest poets in the world. This one was simply elegant and soul touching.
    Poetry is one of if not the most intimate expression of emotion without touch. Poetry is a romantic it has the capability to love and care for a person. It is a kiss and caress that touches beyond the body. Poetry has a soft embarked effect on people. Especially romantic poetry. It is like a rose sword piercing through the body of the heart. Filling it with sensuous bliss melting the affections of a person to drip in loves arms. When someone has a passionate soul and heart it fuels the poetry to be even more intense. Causing a very strong reaction from the reader.

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      1. I don’t know much I only say what I think and feel. Your blog is one of my favorites it is full of classic arts which I love. Having a old soul I adore classic things. Thanks for posting and sharing this. Sweet kiss pumpkin

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  2. Hi my blogging friend
    I loved looking thru your gallery. I thought I was hard core music fan until I met you. Looks like you’re a few steps beyond me. I forgot to ask how you found my blog? Enjoy every day like it was your last. Our lives would surely improve. Hard thought to keep up as life throws crap our way.
    Are you from Spain? I probably asked unfortunately my memory last about 15 minutes. I saw the man who looked like a Bullfighter? I spent a week in Madrid and it was hard to drag me out of Prado. Did walk to Toledo, what a charming town. Language was a problem. How do you use sign/body language when you don’t know Spanish. It took almost 10 minutes trying to be polite, asking if she had a bathroom I could use. I look back and it was an adventure, felt like crazy person while there.
    The huge doors into Toledo are amazing, you can see all the canon shots. Spain is on my Bucket List, at minimum Seville and seeing as many cathedrals and art as possible.
    Have a great week.

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    1. Hi sweet M,

      I’m so glad You enjoyed watching my gallery. I still Have To add a huge amount of covers From LP’s I Got in my collection. I am trully a hardcore music fan, haha. I don’t Really know How did I found your blog, Maybe someone else reblogged your post about Laurel Ferretti, or i found it accidentally. Ferretti story Was quite stirring and i loved It. Yeah, We HAVE to Enjoy every Day as if IT Was our last. Good advice. As far as i can recall, no, YOU didn’t ask Where i come from, and The ANSWER Is YES, i come from Madrid, Spain. I bet you saw the man Who looked like bullfighter, Since there are few around Plaza Mayor. No wonder you spent so many hours in Prado Museum, since one could never get tired watching Those amazing paintings from the masters. Awesome paintings from people like Velázquez, Greco, Ribera, Goya, and so Many others. Also several fascinating Flaming painters like Ieronimous Bosch, Van Der Weiden or Durero. i can imagine how much you enjoyed visiting Toledo. You are right, the huge Doors into Toledo are amazing. I can understand your troubles With the language. Sounds like a funny adventure, the WAy you describe it now, But Sure it Was a Hard time right there trying to explain someone you needed a Bathroom you could use 😂. Actually, if you Ever have a chance, come to Seville. You won’t regret it. Burgos Cathedral is so Awesome you could never imagine it until you are there, as it happens with Santiago de Compostela. Thanks for stopping by and leave yor comment, my dear friend. Have a Great week yourself too. 😀

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  3. Qué curioso…hace escasos días he estado leyendo a Béquer. Bueno, he leído un breve libro suyo para principiantes de poesía.

    Y qué bonita es en inglés.

    Gracias por ponerla, es muy agradable recibir correos así.


    2016-10-07 5:11 GMT+02:00 El Coleccionista Hipnótico :

    > El Coleccionista Hipnótico posted: ” This is one of the most popular > Rhymes of the Spanish post-romanticist poet Gustavo Adolfo Becquer > (1836-1870.) Yesterday I mentioned this verse in one of Candice’s posts at > thefeatheredsleep blog (you can take a look at her wonderful site followin” >

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      1. The mating season of the swallows makes me think that he is referring to the love of a new couple. The honeysuckle will only grow when the lovers separated, I believe he wants us to believe that love will always find us again. The fact that he uses a future tense makes me feel as though this is not certain but we should always hang on to the hope of finding it again with another after breaking up. I’m probably wrong but it definitely made me think

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      2. Thats interesting, here in the UK we study Shakespeare, Simon Armitage, John Agard and such. I would have loved to have come across poetry like this, it makes what we studied seem somewhat bland.

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